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A fairer world based on solidarity, Where everyone can contribute To a future of dignity and freedom for all In equality, dialogue and peace

Fontana Foundation Onlus operates in four main areas

Fontana Foundation Onlus (Fondazione Fontana Onlus) is an organization that operates in Padua and Trento. It was founded in 1998 to serve the purpose of social solidarity through the fostering and implementation of peace projects, international cooperation and global education.

Our organization promotes a culture of solidarity at the national and international level, through a bottom-up approach that starts from the community. The community is involved from the initial planning phase of our projects, with the aim of making optimal use of local resources by creating networks and fostering cooperation among various actors at local level.

International development cooperation

Vulnerability as a resource

Education and training on global issues and development


Stretching Our Limits

what we do


International cooperation is one of the main areas of intervention of Fontana Foundation Onlus, that supports 3 partner organizations and their projects in Kenya and Israel. Communities play a crucial role in our projects, that are based on community development and on a participative approach, fostering solidarity within the community as the first catalyst for change.

Fontana Foundation Onlus promotes a culture of solidarity through a bottom-up approach that starts from the community.

L’Arche is an international federation of communities where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together. These communities offer people with intellectual disabilities a home where they will be valued, respected, and their gifts welcomed and celebrated. Founded out of St. Martin CSA, l’Arche Kenya shares the value of mutual relationships between “the strong” and “the weak” as a source of transformation for all with St.Martin and ventured out to build on this its own identiy.

SAINT MARTIN CSA is an organization working in Nyahururu, in the highlands of northern Kenya. The mission of the organization is to strengthen the community’s ability to care for and develop the skills of vulnerable people through mutually transforming relationships. The volunteers are over 500.
The work is organized into specific programs dealing with disadvantaged minors, victims of violence and human rights violations, people with alcohol and drug addictions, people with mental health problems. The methodology is the inclusive community approach underlined.

Ma’an lil-Hayat (Together for Life) is the first and only community project in Palestine that brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities to engage in creative textile-arts activities and share daily life together. Ma’an lil-Hayat is a member of the International Federation of L’Arche Communities.  

Ma’an lil-Hayat seeks to affirm and empower people with intellectual disabilities in their claim to adulthood. Meaningful, challenging activities encourage a sense of personal responsibility and genuine participation in the building of civil society.

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what we do


Fontana Foundation Onlus has been implementing educational intervention projects in the fields of development education and intercultural teaching practice.

Through the implementation of education projects, Fontana Foundation Onlus aims at promoting global, active, responsible and participatory citizenship in communities, along with the capability to take an open-minded approach and make coherent political choices. It develops activities addressed to teenagers and children in the territories of Padua and Trento through the implementation of  the project  World Social Agenda and Atlas on line

World Social Agenda (WSA) is a cultural project for education, awareness and information, with the main purpose of fostering global, active, responsible and participatory citizenship in the community. Every year the WSA offers a series of initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of an issue of global interest in the provinces of Padua and Trento, by adopting a rights- and values-based approach, centered around development and differences. This project targets schools at all levels of education, through activities and workshops involving more than 4,000 students, and territories, through the promotion of networks between civil society organizations and public institutions.

Atlas on line is a geography education portal providing a complex set of resources about more than 200 countries.. ATLANTE (Atlante online) supports schools at all levels of education in addressing intercultural issues, global education and active citizenship, thus linking the local to the global level. An updated blog is available for teachers, providing them with a space for information and discussion.

what we do

Information  is an online newspaper that offers qualified information on the issues of peace, sustainable human development, human rights and the environment. It disseminates plural and daily information giving voice to the multiple realities of Italian and international civil society (organizations and associations, movements, NGOs, campaigns). The platforms connected to it are the Guides and Atlas.

Stretching Our Limits

what we do

Vulnerability as a resource

“to foster a culture that values ​​the relationship with vulnerability and the weakest subjects of our communities in order to come together to recognize the fragility of all as a resource and opportunity for growth for the community. 

Vulnerability as a resource includes all the activities that involve and encourage the participation of people from outside the organization. These initiatives represent a unique opportunity to spread information about Fontana Foundation Onlus, its activities and the issues it cares about: community, diversity and participation.

Among these initiatives, three shall be mentioned: Nothing is written, ME, WE Only Through Community, La sedia di cartone/The Special Chair, La Pietra scartata (the rejected stone), an annual event celebrating the power of fragility,

fondazione fontana

Fondazione Fontana Onlus nasce nel 1998 e opera a Padova e Trento. Persegue finalità di solidarietà sociale in quattro ambiti principali: cooperazione internazionale, educazione alla cittadinanza globale, informazione e mobilitazione della comunità

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